Make critical scope turret adjustments and horizontal axis corrections in low-light and no-light conditions with iota ZEROLIGHT, a revolutionary patented anti-cant device featuring LED illumination.

the problem

On a cattle ranch in rural Texas, our founder, Derrick Ratliff, searched for his cell phone in the dark. Seconds earlier, he had caught the shining green bulbs of a coyote’s eyes in the beam of his spotlight. Now, Derrick had a scant amount of time to adjust his scope turret for an accurate shot, but in the dark of the night, he needed to shine his phone light to see the turret markings.

Meanwhile, over 1,000 miles away and deep in Wyoming's countryside, Derrick's friend and hunting buddy Hazer Bulkley spent the early morning hours in a cold truck cab, spotlighting coyotes often hundreds of yards away. He, too, became frustrated with the disadvantage of darkness as he attempted to adjust his turrets and level his rifle.

Derrick and Hazer realized there were only two options available at the time for anti-canting in low-light situations. The first was to fumble for a light, wasting valuable time and possibly giving away their location. The second was to wing it sans light and hope for the best. Neither option offered the solution they wanted.

the solution

iota designed a baffled-channel LED light system and merged it with an anti-cant leveling device to create iota ZEROLIGHT. Our patented technology provides the necessary illumination to allow a hunter or shooter to accurately position their turret, level and horizontal axis on their rifle scope during conditions with little to zero light.


for your eyes only

LED light travels through a baffled-channel system, deflecting to directly illuminate both the elevation and windage turret marks and the anti-cant level. Engineered so that you can see your game, but your game can’t see you.


illuminated anti-cant device

Available in three different sizes: 1 inch – 30 mm – 34 mm

  • Patented illumination system enhances visibility to facilitate the accurate adjustment of scope positions in low-light and no-light conditions
  • Baffled-channel design controls light source passageways to directly illuminate a built-in bubble level and the elevation and windage knobs on your scope system
  • LED lights, known for longevity and durability, remain at a touchable low temperature throughout hours of use
  • Device easily mounts to rifle scope tube for quick installation and removal
  • Industry’s first and only illuminated anti-cant device
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