Rifle optimization begins at the base with iota rifle stocks. Merging the key features of both the hunter and shooter stock shapes, iota KREMLIN is a composite molded rifle stock with a carbon fiber core that provides stability to any shooting stance, from the shoulder to the sandbag.

the problem

After seven months of waiting for a standard rifle stock to actually be in stock, our founder, Derrick Ratliff, decided the industry was ready for a change and he was going to deliver it. He refused to let the recurring trend of exasperating lead times and unpredictable availability become a tolerated circumstance in the rifle stock procurement process. So, he decided to fix this problem. And to fix it, he and his team would need to do it themselves. And to fix it by doing it, they would have to do it right. Derrick understood the features that popularized certain stocks in both the hunting and shooting arena because of his active involvement in both communities. To his advantage, the interactions that came with this involvement also provided valuable insights on the frustrations and limitations of each design. He noticed a pattern in the products — pick one feature, compromise on another — because getting only the best out of the best was not yet an option. Not yet, until now.

the solution

iota KREMLIN launched with the design and development of an initial single rifle stock that recognizes the key features of hunting and shooting stock designs by combining their coveted qualities and eliminating their structural flaws to create one multifunctional precision stock: the KREMLIN.

To avoid the unacceptable pattern of excessive lead times on stocks that has continued to disrupt the hunting and shooting community, the iota team exhaustively researched and scrutinized their plan to establish a long-lasting strategy for efficient and precise manufacturing processes based on detailed engineering, proficient decision-making and inventive problem-solving.


building a fortress

The KREMLIN combines key features from both hunter and shooter stock designs, including a widened but trim beavertail forend, a vertical grip with ambidextrous palm swell, and a rigid butt stock that still maintains the typical weight of a hunter stock. Our composite stock is reinforced with a carbon fiber core for superior strength in a lightweight build, and then completed with a unique selection from our variety of molded in color schemes.


The KREMLIN is available for a variety of barrel channels and bottom metal configurations. To request the KREMLIN in a particular arrangement of specifications, use the online message portal on our contact page.

  • Carbon fiber reinforced composite mold maximizes strength under compression of fully equipped rifle.
  • Combination of key features from most popular hunting and shooting stock designs results in optimal shape for a wide range of experiences.
  • Designed with specific angles to promote sustainable balance throughout a variety of positions, movements and stances.
  • Aluminum pillars protect the structure during pressurized operations.
  • Molded colors available in a variety of schemes including: Sentinel Green, Citadel Grey, Gobi Tan, or Flat Black.
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