No rust. No dust. NOMAD. Avoid the annoying repercussions of top-down screws with iota NOMAD ZL, a reinvented ring-base combo scope mounting system featuring under-angled screws and ZEROLIGHT technology.



Negate the tolerances allowed in machining specifications for Picatinny rails with iota TRIAD ZL, a set of scope rings featuring a patented three-key adjustment system and ZEROLIGHT technology.


Accustomed to the grueling task of attempting to remove thoroughly rusted and weathered screws from scope mount systems, our founder, Derrick Ratliff, couldn’t understand why the companies in this industry continued to manufacture components with top-down screws. Sure, any other way would be harder to machine, but the screw holes were like bowls, accumulating dust and debris that condensation quickly turned into an impenetrable barricade of rust. After a particularly pesky screw-removal session, Derrick was finally fed up. He wanted to protect the functionality and adjustability of his scope mounts, and he would work to find a way to do it.

the solution: nomad zl

iota freed the one-piece ring-base combo from its rusty confinement with NOMAD ZL, giving outdoorsman the freedom to take the rings off and put them back on their scope tube with ease whenever they need. With no rust and no dust, the NOMAD ZL’s revolutionary under-angled screw design reduces corrosion from the condensation and crud that collects in the sockets of the typical top-down screws seen on other scope rings in the market. And hey, it looks good, too — By placing the screws on the underside of the ring, we opened up the top to display a smooth, sleek exterior design. To enhance your positioning accuracy and adjustment capabilities when using a scope system during conditions with low visibility, we incorporated our patented ZEROLIGHT technology in the rear ring of the NOMAD ZL.


the problem

When using the Picatinny rail and ring scope mount system — a favorite style of many shooters and hunters — Derrick recognized the adverse impact that allowing varied machine tolerances in standard rail specs had on not only its compatibility with a ring mount counterparts, but also the system’s collective accuracy. And since he couldn’t fix the precision of every machine out there making the rails, he focused on the scope rings that attached to create a solution that was adjustable enough to fit a large assortment of rail dimensions and user preferences.

the solution: triad zl

Equipped with our game-changing under-angle screw design, iota set out to solve the problems of the Picatinny scope mount system. We began with the initial understanding that current Picatinny systems start with a standard rail -- sourced from one of the many companies who follow the standard fabrication specifications — that most likely deviates from the standard of precision due to the machining tolerances allowed within each socket. Even the slightest inconsistencies between a rail and ring pairings can impede the accuracy of your shot. Thus, we invented the TRIAD ZL, a pair of Picatinny scope rings with features specifically designed to efficiently produce system-wide solutions. Our patented three-key adjustment system equips the TRIAD with interchangeable and insertable keys for mounting scope rings to the rail within three different tolerances: plus 3.5, nominal, and minus 3.5. To further advance the stability and accuracy of the system, iota TRIAD ZL is machined with an exclusive under-cut wedge design that enables the rings to maintain a leveled position while mounted to the rail. Lastly, we incorporated our patented ZEROLIGHT technology in the rear ring of the TRIAD ZL to enhance your positioning accuracy and adjustment capabilities when using a scope system during conditions with low visibility.


the matter in our materials

Both the NOMAD ZL and the TRIAD ZL are fabricated out of anodized Aluminum 6061-T6, an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy known for its superior strength, lightweight mass and corrosion resistance. Each ring utilizes four stainless steel socket head cap screws to facilitate an equal distribution of force for optimal solidity when mounting your rifle scope.


scope mounts

Opt-out of the ZEROLIGHT technology in our one-piece ring-base combos by ordering the lone NOMAD. The NOMAD ZL and NOMAD are available in both 30 mm and 34 mm sizes for Remington 700 and Savage Round applications.

Opt-out of the ZEROLIGHT technology in our Picatinny system scope rings by ordering the lone TRIAD. The TRIAD ZL and TRIAD are available in both 30 mm and 34 mm sizes.

iota rifle accessories NOMAD ZL scope mount | 360 spin
iota rifle accessories TRIAD ZL scope mount | 360 spin